Mission & Vision


ULR envisions to be a law journal nationally respected and internationally acclaimed.


UST Law Review (ULR) is a student-edited academic law journal committed to the development of law and transformation of society through legal scholarship. It aims to:

  1. Serve as a forum for enriching legal and scholarly discourse; as a tool in updating its readings on the developments of law; and as a medium for the exploration of the uncharted regions of law, the discussion of pressing legal issues, and the search for solutions to address the problems and loopholes in the legal framework.
  2. Influence policy considerations and shape jurisprudential pronouncements through scholastic discourse to the end that Philippine laws would become more responsive to the needs of the times, reflective of the sentiments of our people, and faithful to its goal of achieving a just and humane society.
  3. Democratize the law in such a manner that it may not be purely an abstraction to an ordinary individual, so that through the instrumentality of the law review, we may empower people, touch sensibilities, and spark reforms.